So if we wanted to watch some French animation, what films would you suggest?  



the Triplets of Belleville is about an elderly woman searching for her son who was kidnapped in the middle of a Tour de France race. It’s largely free of dialogue, but the sound effects and such are wonderful. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature—it lost to Finding Nemo.

A Cat in Paris is about a young girl and her cat who discover mysteries in the course of one night. It was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, but it lost to Rango.

Persepolis is based on an autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi about her early life in Iran. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but it lost to Ratatouille.

the Illusionist is about an aging magician and an imaginative young girl who form a father/daughter relationship. It was also nominated for a Best Animation Oscar, but lost to Toy Story 3.

The Rabbi’s Cat is a story about a cat who swallows a parrot and gains the ability to speak like a human. It is set in 1920’s Algeria.

Ernest & Celestine is the adorable story about a big bear and a little mouse who forge an unlikely friendship. It was also nominated for an Oscar in Best Animated Picture, but lost to Frozen.

Kirikou and the Sorceress is a story inspired by West African folklore that tells the story of Kirikou, a boy who was born with the ability to walk and talk, who saves his people from an evil witch. The film was popular enough to spawn sequels and a stage adaptation.

A Monster in Paris is a 3D animated musical film that is reaaaaalllly loosely based on the Phantom of the Opera. It’s set in 1910 and is about, surprisingly, a monster that lives in Paris, and his love for a young singer.

The King and the Mockingbird is an 80’s film about a cruel king titled Charles V + III = VIII + VIII = XVI, who is obsessed with a young shepherdess, and whose attempts to capture the young girl are thwarted by a mockingbird whose wife the King had previously killed.  

Those are probably the most famous of the feature length animated films.

But the animated short films are just as glorious. Here’s a compilation of a bunch of short films and I can link you to others as well. 

Sorry for the long answer but I just really love French animation.

I’ve only seen half of what’s listed, but I really really want to see the others! French animation deserves more recognition, but it’s great to see that these films have been gaining popularity.

Also, the animation school Gobelins has a wonderful youtube channel full of animated shorts!


Realizing Kill la Kill is over



TG: we’re motherfuckin entrenched in this bitch 
TG: you and me 
TG: welcome to nam 

after almost a year and a half i finally got around to getting shots of my god tier dave cosplay.  in case i had forgotten how awesome capes are, which i hadn’t, this was an excellent reminder. 

Kill la Kill finale


There is a giant Kill la Kill shaped hole in my heart now.


If you’ve never worked in retail or a restaurant this is a real, legitimate thing that happens daily


If you’ve never worked in retail or a restaurant this is a real, legitimate thing that happens daily


That blue-haired protagonist with the cute little dog, unique abilities and an entourage of brightly colored and probably gay men








i love sir patrick stewart more with each passing day.

See, guys. This is how you do it. Notice the words “Not all men are like that” are never spoken.

You are a good man, Sir Patrick Stewart.